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Facts About Ticks in CT

Even the most perfectly manicured Connecticut yard probably has deer ticks, even if you can't see them. While many ticks are carried on deer, they can also be found on rodents, such as wood chucks, squirrels, white-footed mice and voles, as well as on you and your pets.

The black-legged tick is the only tick that transmits the Lyme disease bacteria, and also carries Babesiosis and Borrelia miyamotoi that causes symptoms similar to Lyme disease.

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About Tick Control

Best results for controlling and eliminating deer ticks from your yard are achieved through professional tick control applications.

Green Environs offers both organic and low concentration synthetic pesticide applications to help eliminate ticks. These insecticides are applied on your property where ticks are most likely to be found - primarily where the wood line meets the lawn, on perennial beds, in shaded areas and alongside trails and paths.

To minimize the impact on beneficial insect populations, we focus our applications on specific tick habitats. We use high-pressure sprayers so the tick control pesticide penetrates into leaf litter, crevices, ground covers, woodpiles and other areas where ticks are hiding.

Tick Control Program

Most Lyme infections occur in spring, which is why it's critical to start your tick control program in spring. We typically apply tick control treatments every 6 weeks or so, starting in April.

The first visit in our tick control program takes place in April, with the goal of disrupting the egg-laying process among the adult ticks that have started to emerge and reducing the overall population.

Subsequent tick control visits suppress ticks at the larval, nymph and adult growth stages, cutting down the total number of ticks and controlling adults before they have a chance to safely hide for the winter.

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