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Deer Damage

Deer damage can be a huge problem for our Connecticut landscapes. The growing population of White-tailed deer can be devastating for our yards all year long, but especially in the winter season when finding food can be limited. And once deer establish a territory, they will not leave it.

Have you noticed that your shrubs and small trees seem to have no leaves (or even branches) below about 6 feet above the ground?

That's deer damage. An adult deer can reach about 6 feet up and will eat everything within reach. That height is called the "browse line" and without proper protection below that line most plant species will be stripped bare.

And then there's the rest of your property - perennials and vegetables are like deer candy. Some of the favorite plants for deer to eat are probably your favorites too - hosta, daylilies, tulips and rhododendron. They even love roses, despite the thorns! If they're hungry enough, they'll eat almost anything.

Preventing Deer Damage

Green Environs can effectively help prevent deer damage to your landscape with spray applications of deer repellent. Don't worry - this isn't the kind of repellent that will make your yard smell like rotten eggs for a week!

As winter approaches, look to us for installation of deer covers and burlap wraps to protect your shrubs and young trees over the cold months when deer are especially hungry.

We also do mole control to prevent tunneling throughout your yard. We use a special pesticide infused "earthworm" that only moles will eat. It's quick acting and effective.

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