5 Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Professional

lawn professionals are best for your lawn

Would you like to save some green when it comes to lawn care?

Hire a lawn care professional.

Some people think hiring a professional to care for their lawn is more expensive than taking care of the lawn themselves. But here are five ways a lawn care company can save you time and money, while keeping your grass lush and green.

Professionals know their stuff

Expert know-how saves you time when it comes to figuring out what’s causing brown spots, bald spots, patches of weeds or other unsightly lawn problems. Because lawn care pros are trained and experienced, they can quickly recognize the root of lawn problems from dog spots to moles and voles; from fungal diseases to thatch. A lawn care professional can take action quickly and treat grass problems the right way. They’re also able to offer advice on how to improve the overall look of your lawn.

Pros have the proper, well-maintained equipment

Because lawn care companies specialize in taking care of all kinds of grass, they have the right equipment for the right job, and they keep it tuned up, too. While not all lawn care pros mow lawns, there are other pieces of commercial-grade equipment—like aerators, power rakes, spreaders and sprayers—that are standard equipment you won’t have to buy and maintain.

They carry the right insurance to reduce liability

Lawn care may seem like an easy task, but there’s always a risk of injury or property damage. Professional lawn care companies reduce your liability because they’re licensed and insured. Before you hire a company, ask to see their license and insurance certificate to put your mind at ease. If there’s an accident or damage to your property, you’re covered.

Lawn professionals help protect the environment

Most homeowners don’t know which fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides they need to solve a lawn problem. They also aren’t familiar with the rules for safely using them, storing them and disposing of them either. Lawn care professionals know the safe-handling requirements for all of the products they use. Companies that use synthetic chemicals to treat lawns are licensed to apply products commercially. If your lawn is on an organic program, they’ll also know the best practices for safely applying organic products (just because something’s organic doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to handle without protection).

They perform the right lawn care at the right time

Because professional companies stay on schedule, they’re able to time the use of pre-emergent herbicides or other weed prevention products to keep lawns weed-free. They’re also able to fertilize the lawn according to the recommendations specific to your grass type, using the correct amounts and only when the lawn needs fertilizing.

Few homeowners have the specialized lawn care knowledge of a professional, and even fewer want to spend their spare time maintaining their lawn to keep it in top shape. That’s why it makes sense to hire a lawn care professional to care for your turf.

Green Environs provides professional lawn care services for Fairfield and Litchfield Counties, including fertilization, weed control and pest management (including grub and mole control). While we don’t mow, we do take care of everything else to ensure that you have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.